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Millions of shirts are made every year; but how can we make t-shirts that people actually want to wear?

Learn how to make your own t-shirts, and watch Justin as he launches his own t-shirt brand.

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  • Leading Snowflakes – a book by Oren Ellenbogen, “Become the leader your engineers need.”

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  1. I have a struggling but not completely failing shirt shop at http://shop.cheermoji.com (it’s a Shopify site ($30/month) with PrintAura.com doing print-on-demand fulfillment and drop-shipping, which all works great except you have to charge quite a bit to offset PrintAura’s costs).

    Anyway, I’ve kinda concluded that for a person to buy a shirt, it often needs to say or portray something that they want to say about themself; that they want to identify with, ie a tshirt (or any clothing) is sort of a personal billboard displaying what you want people to think of you. Ain’t easy. 🙂


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