– Ozzie is building Outflow: an app that tracks your recurring subscriptions.
– Allie is working on a horror movie a day blog.
– Valon is working on his web agency.
– Rhythm is building India’s first 100% transparent donations platform
– John is working on a Rasberry Pi magic mirror (more here)
– Andrei is building uideo.net
– Andrew is building a new Open Source mechanical keyboard project, called the K Type
– Annette just made a DIY Jewelry Display and a Little Free Library!
– Brian is currently writing here and doing a podcast here.
– Tyler just invented a simple, thin, laptop cover and WordPress security service.
– Jonas just launched a really well designed weather app!
– Tah just baked some snicker-doodle cookies from scratch. ? She’s also doing some interior design.
– Thomas is working on a new way to discover music through a community
– Ciler is about to launch Smart Moderation
– Brandon is writing 500 words per day at HustleHeart.co.
– Kerry is documenting his journey into Data Science from scratch
– Nathan just announced his team’s new project on BetaList
– Dave is working on Get Tech Friends
– Justin is making his own bed
– Corey is working on Leet a platform to share gameplay highlights
– Peter is working on his travel site
– Sofia is working on NomNom (best name ever)
– Emily is writing maker updates on her blog
– Pablo is making Spanish Dato2 game tutorials
– Pedro just hosted a Restart Party in Lagos
– Marcella is writing her book: Make
– Sammy is working on Thangs
– Ryan is working on The ADHD nerd
– Keenan Kirk (the amazing talent who designed the MegaMaker logo) is building a website for his band, Forester
– Nick and Jae revived a 1950s kitchen knife company
– Alex is working on the The Plunge podcast
– Corey is working on a Kanban board for WordPress
– Marcus wants to encourage more creatives to make apps with a positive impact on people’s lives
– Dylan is working on the next version of FoundersKit.
– Bart is working on a food magazine for cities.
– Richard is launching lunchspark – a platform to help connect creatives, entrepreneurs and business folks in personal and meaningful ways over casual lunches.

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  1. Nick and Jae revived a 1950s kitchen knife company.


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