I asked the secret SMS list what they wanted the title of their biography to be. Here’s what they said:

  • Fat legs in skinny jeans
  • It’s never too late.
  • Crazy Wisdom
  • Not Steve
  • Live like the tortoise, work like the hare
  • Dream big and make things
  • Shenanigans
  • Well done
  • Daniel of All Trades
  • Know It All, And Know Nothing
  • Living and learning
  • Harvesting Chaos: How One Man Finds Energy and Inspiration in
  • a Life of Distraction
  • I don’t get to name my Biography, that is the authors choosing.
  • Abstraction Among the Quotidian
  • The Jolly Genius
  • Defining the Problem: Before finding a solution.
  • In Search of Brain Freeze
  • Working with integrity.
  • In for the long game
  • Bearded Glory: A story of hair, sweat and success
  • Turning Chaos into Order: an ADHD Nerd’s Journey.
  • The Challenge of Something Greater
  • My Best! (And Other Stuff)
  • YODO
  • Breaking the status quo
  • Unexpected
  • That’s So Jonny
  • Made with Love: How one man found fulfillment in his career and family life
  • Behind the scenes
  • Making stuff for fun and profit, life of software developer
  • A lot of dry powder
  • The Life Of Pablo
  • Seen some things… done some things
  • Never stop exploring
  • Jacob Norton
  • The worthwhile life of a humble traveler
  • Master of Muppets
  • Almost Figured it Out
  • Building Community
  • I don’t think I would want a biography. Haha
  • Thankful life of this guy
  • A story of one person’s rise to the middle.
  • Is That All There Is?
  • One Fun Son
  • Daring to be different
  • Desire
  • Enigma
  • Reading between the lines
  • Professional Amateur
  • It’s not rocket science; even when it is
  • The flippancy of clouds
  • Determined
  • Stumbling, Falling, Getting Back Up Every Single Day
  • The joys and tortures of the beautiful life of an amateur polymath.
  • Dude.

To participate in these secret MegaMaker missions text “Sunshine” to +1-424-247-5762.

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  1. Marie

    Faves! “Dude”, “A story of one person’s rise to the middle” and “Almost Figured It Out”. I’d read ’em.


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