You know that a big motivation behind MegaMaker is to push limits.

I want you to push your limits (in terms of what you can make this year).
I want to push my own limits (and try to make 100 things).
And I want to push the limits of what’s possible with a podcast.

Yesterday, I got this text message:

Text message from a listener

So much work goes into producing these shows. I ♥ that you folks enjoy them, and want to help support them.

Now we’re trying something new

As we gear up for Season 2 (on April 1st), I wanted to try something that’s never been done before.

A crowdfunding campaign for podcast episodes →

Right now, every podcast (Gimlet, Relay, WTF) is looking for alternatives to ad supported models.
What if we pioneered a new way of doing things?
Let’s let listeners & sponsors choose the topics for Season 2, and actively participate in what projects get made.

Here’s an example of a few of the project ideas that can be sponsored:

Image: Secret Makers, Mystery Box, and an app called Upstarter

If you’ve been itching to support the show, now’s the time!

You can pledge as little as $5. I also just opened up 16 new spots in the Secret Makers Society (if you want one, act quick – the last ones went really fast).

I’m getting excited about Season 2 (I just submitted new show art to iTunes). Can’t wait to get back behind the microphone!

Justin Jackson

PS: One of the things I did during my podcasting break was write. You can read the MegaMaker magazine on Medium.

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