MegaMaker episode 18

And… Marty and Justin announce their second software project.

The 5 lessons I’ve learned from Iron Maiden:

  1. Figure out what people want.
  2. Create things that are well-made.
  3. Be unique, surprising, and unexpected.
  4. Keep shipping more stuff.
  5. Be persistent and adaptable.


Today our friends at Balsamiq asked us not to talk about their awesome wireframing tool that all of you should be using already, but instead share with you 3 makers that they love and they think you’ll love too. You should look them up on YouTube:

  • Colin Furze, an insane British maker that builds rocket-powered toilets and other crazy things.
  • James from, another British maker that 3D-prints life-sized, working Star Wars droid and Iron man suits
  • Chris from ClickSpring, an Australian watch-maker whose videos are just totally addictive.

Discount code: use code MEGAMAKER to get $10 off Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop (normally $89). Code Expires May 1st.

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