Let’s make some stuff.

Challenge participant Pat Harry just outlined his goal for 2016 in this Medium post.

Some of these projects folks are working on are unreal. Saftari just sent me this:

Day two: created a Page Turn Robot for disabled people who can’t use their arms. Will control using two pedals to turn a page book. I created almost every part using 3D printer.



Starting to cross items off the list for 2016!

Crossing items off the Maker List

It feels good to get things done! Much more to come.

This holiday, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can just hanging out with the family. Normally I work like crazy on side-projects, but this year I’ve tried to just relax. It’s been good. We’ve had lots of moments like this:

Family time

That being said, I’m getting excited about getting to work in 2016. 😉

In preparation for 2016, I’ve been reviewing some of the personality tests I’ve done in the past.

The results from this Kolbe test are interesting (and kind of funny):

Justin's ideal job

And here are jobs it recommended for someone with my instincts:

Recommended jobs for Justin

Back in October I started writing down ideas for stuff I could make in 2016.

I just started sharing it publicly. Love getting all the comments, emails and feedback from people.

You can see it here.

For the past 6 months I’ve been mulling around the idea for a new podcast called MegaMaker. My plan was to make 100 things in 2016, and document it on the podcast (similar to what I did with Build & Launch).

But I’ve been stuck thinking about how to launch it.

On Saturday night, my wife and I went out on a date. She came up with a great idea: why not invite everyone to join me on my challenge of making more things in 2016?

So today I got to the office and got straight to work. I built this landing page, got some feedback from my friends on Slack, and just hit publish: