If you could sell 40-50 lunch specials, that would be pretty freakin’ awesome.

Our goal was to sell 50 lunch specials. We sold 63 during lunch. It was insane. It was packed. So many friends and supporters came out.

I’m editing the podcast episode as we speak.

Love this iPad painting submitted by Brad:


Tomorrow the MegaMaker burrito goes live at Station BBQ

Here’s what you can expect:


The MegaMaker Burrito: BBQ pulled pork (the meat is the star of this dish, sauced with special sauce), baked beans, wild rice, and cheddar cheese.

Served on a bed of slaw and lettuce leaf. Topped with maple-peach salsa and cheese. Comes with a side of fries and a beverage.

I love getting your updates + photos from your maker projects.


Here’s one I just got from Sam:

Got my Raspberry PI project on the way last night. Making a little game console with it using Retropie, going to make my frist 3D model basing it on NES. My controllers came in today!

(let me know what you’re making by joining the maker challenge)

Created a real-time list of who is coming to try the MegaMaker burrito this Friday:


Listen to the brand new episode of the podcast!

Play episode 4 of MegaMaker

Of all the things I’ve made (software, apps, books) I think this is one of the most challenging.

For the podcast’s first “maker mission” I challenged myself to make a burrito, and get it on the menu at a local restaurant.

This is outside my comfort zone in all sorts of ways: I’m a terrible cook, I’m most comfortable typing on a keyboard, and I know nothing about a restaurant works.

You’ll have to listen to hear what happens next. 😉

Update: MegaMaker just landed in iTunes! Please help by leaving a 5 start review at megamaker.co/review

1. Edited a podcast
2. Almond milk testing at Ratio Coffee
3. Video workshop for Product People Club

Got to hang out with these two beauties today:

Dan and Tom from Studio Neat

Dan and Tom from Studio Neat stopped by for a virtual visit.

Their interview is coming soon to the MegaMaker podcast.


Think we can get it into New & Noteworthy? (We only have 8 weeks)

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Here is the second episode of the MegaMaker podcast!

Play episode 1 of MegaMaker

“Fighting an obstacle to achieve a goal.”

In this mid-week bonus episode, Justin digs into our creative motivation. Can we express our creativity and make a living at the same time?

These are “early access” in that the feed isn’t yet in iTunes. I’ll wait until there are 3-4 episodes in the feed before I submit it there. In the meantime, you can:

PS: want to share it? You can tweet it here, or give it some ❤ on Product Hunt!

Just finished and published item #27:

We own you

“The best way to complain is to make something.” – Tobias Van Schneider

“Improving your creativity 1% each day is what makes a person larger than life.” – James Altucher

Which title should I use for episode 1 of the podcast?

Vote here!

Alright. Here’s a sneak peek of episode 1. With any luck, this will be published tomorrow morning (Saturday, 5am Pacific).

Starting recording on episode 1 of the podcast.

Podcast recording

Wish me luck!

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Challenge participant Pat Harry just outlined his goal for 2016 in this Medium post.

Some of these projects folks are working on are unreal. Saftari just sent me this:

Day two: created a Page Turn Robot for disabled people who can’t use their arms. Will control using two pedals to turn a page book. I created almost every part using 3D printer.



Starting to cross items off the list for 2016!

Crossing items off the Maker List

It feels good to get things done! Much more to come.